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Welcome back to the garden and a new growing season! Stop dreaming about a beautiful landscape and start planning for one. Take a look at what our gardening experts recommend you try in your landscape this year.

Set up your garden calendar. Plan the vegetables and flowers you are going to plant, when you should plant them, and where you want to plant them. Start early this spring, so you know what you will need to do this summer. Think about your gardens and which preparations must be started now to get those areas ready.

There's no point in pretending you're not going to be out in your garden the first warm day of spring, so stop by and let us help you with all your Spring Gardening Needs.While you are at it, sign up for our Gardening Newsletter, watch some of our Gardening Videos, and attend some of our Gardening Classes.

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JL Compost

     J&L recyles garden waste, horse manure, pruning waste, leaves, and other organic materials to make its own compost. Our compost is several years old and very well composted. We screen this compost to make it very clean for home and garden use. It is not as 'hot' or as full of 'nutrients' as the 'fertimulch' or 'nutrimulch' composts. This makes J&L compost perfect to add large quantities to the soil, without burning the tender plants and roots. It is much safer to use in the garden than fresh compost, or compost from many large compost piles, or landfills. It has been composted over a longer time.

     We also mix this same compost with topsoil to create our Topsoil/Compost Soil Mix. Unfortunately quantities are sometimes limited, depending on the seasonal demand for compost.

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