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Welcome back to the garden and a new growing season! Stop dreaming about a beautiful landscape and start planning for one. Take a look at what our gardening experts recommend you try in your landscape this year.

Set up your garden calendar. Plan the vegetables and flowers you are going to plant, when you should plant them, and where you want to plant them. Start early this spring, so you know what you will need to do this summer. Think about your gardens and which preparations must be started now to get those areas ready.

There's no point in pretending you're not going to be out in your garden the first warm day of spring, so stop by and let us help you with all your Spring Gardening Needs.While you are at it, sign up for our Gardening Newsletter, watch some of our Gardening Videos, and attend some of our Gardening Classes.

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J&L Garden Center was established in 1958, in Centerville, Utah. Our grand opening was April 12 - 13, 1958.
John S. Smith and E. Lloyd Smith (J&L) began the J&L Garden Center partnership in the spring of 1958. Lloyd and John are brothers. Lloyd worked at Hill Air Force Base while John operated the Garden Center. John's wife, Faye, worked by his side to operate the garden center and doubled as bookkeeper. Faye continued taking care of the financial part of the business until the day before she passed away on January 28, 2001. Faye would often take her children to work with her and put them in a make shift play pen - a wheelbarrow.
J&L's first store was located on Porter Lane in Centerville. It was a very small building that was formerly the location of 'Porter Walton Garden Center'. While in Centerville, J&L sold Trees, Shrubs, Flowers, Gardening Tools, and even Pet Supplies. The building itself was too small for the items J&L was selling. When J&L moved from Centerville to its present Bountiful location, the building was remodeled into the office for a wholesale nursery. The building was finally demolished in 2003 to become an entrance to a housing development.
In 1973, J&L Garden Center outgrew the facility in Centerville. By coincidence, the owners ofGreenhagen's Garden Center in Bountiful, (our present location of 620 North 500 West Bountiful) wanted to retire and sell their business. J&L jumped at the chance to buy the business and move to the larger location. Through the years J&L has grown and expanded its facilities into what it is today.
Through the years two more of John's brothers joined the business. Albert Smith and Robert Smith both worked in the retail division of J&L Garden Center while John worked in the landscape division. Through the years all of John's, Robert's, Albert's, and most of Lloyd's children (19 total) have worked for J&L in either the retail or landscape divisions, sometimes both.
J&L started as a small family business and has remained a family business, even thoughmany of the employees are now non-family. Albert and Robert retired from the business several years ago, but they still to continue to provide assistance when needed. Lloyd passed away Feb. 4, 2001, just one week after Faye died.

In 2002 John decided it was time to retire and sold the business to two of his sons and one daughter. Gary, Gordon, and Sharon bought the business from John and are continuing to manage the business the way John taught them, with a few changes that their college educations inspired. Many of John's grandchildren continue to work at J&L and many more are waiting to work when they are old enough. John has 61 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildres, with more on the way. Most of whom will go through the J&L working experience sometime in their life.
Today, J&L employs 12 to 15 people during the winter season and more than 50 people during the spring and summer planting season. J&L Garden Center is a full line Garden Center and Nursery. J&L offers a wide variety of plants, garden decorations, garden supplies, indoor garden decorations, and Christmas trees and decorations. J&L has always maintained that customer service is the most important part of any retail business. J&L provides expert sales people to help answer all gardening questions. J&L Garden Center provides gardening classes in the spring to help teach the homeowner some easy ways to improve their yard and garden. J&L Garden Center publishes a Gardening Newsletter and many Gardening Tips handouts. The Gardening Newsletter and Gardening Tips are emailed to interested homeowners by signing up in the 'Join J&L's Gardening Email List' at the top of this page. You can also unsubscribe from the email list at any time by clicking on unsubscribe onany of the emails you receive.
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